Day Couples Intensives

Couples Day Intensives is for any couple that wants to spend time working on their relationship without having to start and stop.

Sometimes a couple chooses an intensive because they want a jump start to their couples’ work together

An intensive can be scheduled for one day for 5 hours or for two days for 5 hours each day. Intensives are often scheduled during weekend hours but talk to us about scheduling . We can also customize an intensive session for you .

This might be for you if:

  • You’re busy and have a hard time meeting during the week or during traditional time slots
  • Your relationship is in crisis and you want to know how to navigate conflict differently
  • You are trying to discern whether to continue your relationship or whether to separate / divorce

Intensives can be in person at our Mid City New Orleans office and online in the state of Louisiana. 


Two-day intensives

5 Hour Intensive with William Laird, LMSW


5 Hour Intensive with Kelley Delaune-Lockhart, LCSW


Two Day Intensive with William Laird, LMSW


Contact our office to chat with us about the couples intensive. 504-452-1483 or email us