Kelley Lockhart-Delaune, LCSW

Get to Know Kelley

Kelley Lockhart Delaune is licensed clinical social worker, therapist, writer and owner of modern therapy and wellness.  She works hard to help her clients to heal their relationships with themselves and others. 

Kelley has focused her career on trauma and relational healing. She loves teaching couples how to improve their communication and how to navigate conflict differently.

Kelley also works with individuals who want to heal their relational patterns. 

Kelley received her masters degree at Tulane university and her bachelors degree was in psychology at Louisiana State University.

She has 20 years of experience working in the field with both individuals and couples. Kelley utilizes the Gottman method with couples. 

Research Based

Here at MTW, we use research based methods to help our clients. We use:

  • Cognitive behavioral techniques
  • Mindfulness based approaches
  • Gottman method for couples

Convenience & Accessibility

Most of our clients are busy parents or professionals. Here at MTW, we value convienience and accessibility . We provide telehealth for easy access . Our clients enjoy the lack of commuting time and the safety and comfort of their own environment.

Relatable Therapists

We believe that the best therapists have a combination of clinical knowledge and relatability.

Our therapists are relatable therapists who will connect with you so that they can help you best.


Goal Oriented

Our therapists are goal oriented. We are here to help you to reach your goals

Therapy for Individuals and Couples

Therapy can be a great way for individuals and couples to work through difficult issues. By talking openly about your problems and feelings, you can gain a better understanding of each other and find new ways to resolve your issues. Therapy can also help you learn more about yourself and how to manage stress in healthier ways.


Individual Therapy


Child Care

We are An Online Practice

We provide a space for people to explore their thoughts and emotions in a safe and confidential setting. We believe that everyone has the potential for growth and change, and we strive to create an environment that fosters healing and exploration.