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If you want to improve your relationship, you have come to the right place. Relationships are our specialty.

We know that it’s a huge step to choose a couple’s therapist. Let us demystify the process for you.

Just like anything, couples work is hard work.  Patterns do not change overnight but we applaud you for starting the process now. Research shows that couples struggle with their relationship for 6 years before looking for help.

Couples therapy is an investment into your relationship. It is an opportunity to put your relationship first.  When couples come to Modern Therapy and Wellness, the first 4 sessions are part of the assessment phase.  

Session one consists of the couple meeting together with their therapist. During this session, we focus on getting to know the couple, their history, how they met, and what they want to work on. We ask questions like: what are your goals, what would you like to get out of this, how would you like things to look? What are the issues that are coming up?

During sessions 2 and 3, each person gets their own session with their therapist. These individual sessions give each person the opportunity to tell their own story. This gives the therapist an opportunity to learn more about each person’s individual history and needs.

During session 4, the couple meets back together with their therapist, they go over all of the information from the first 3 sessions and they discuss a plan moving forward.

We utilize the Gottman approach in our work with couples. The Gottman method is an approach that uses a thorough assessment and integrates research into work with couples.

Some key things that we work on are:

  1. Improving conflict management – becoming aware of triggers and gridlock issues (places where you are stuck) and getting ahead of them. 
  2. Working on expressing and accepting needs- this is about learning how to listen to your partner and gathering information on their needs.  It is also about learning how to express needs and wants in non-defensive, safe ways.
  3. Creating new patterns of being together – this is about changing the dynamic of the way you talk and the way you fight.  It’s also about negotiation 

4. De-escalating – developing self-soothing rituals rather than escalating- this is about knowing yourself, knowing what your feeling, taking a break, and taking care of yourself instead of escalating during conflict 

5. Creating antidotes for defensiveness-this is about learning how to approach each other in new ways.

6. Moving Towards each other – learning how to be closer and developing the intimacy that you deeply want in your relationship.  It’s about learning how to be vulnerable rather than creating more distance in your relationships. 

Virtual therapy or in person

Our work with couples is offered in person or virtually. According to Zocdoc reports, most people still prefer to have virtual mental health appointments. We have found that lots of couples prefer virtual due to the need to navigate two different schedules. We use a confidential platform called simple practice. We will send you a link before your first session. You can do your session on your phone or on your computer. Couples can hop on the call from two different locations as long as they have Wi-Fi. We provide virtual therapy within the state of Louisiana. For those who prefer in person, we offer in person sessions at our Mid City location.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you accept Insurance for couples therapy?

We do not. Most therapists do not accept insurance for couple’s therapy. In order to bill insurance, you must use a diagnosis code. Often when couples come to therapy, they want to work on things like communication issues or connection. These are not diagnosable issues.

How much is it?

Take a look at our fee list here.

How long will we need it?

Most couples need to come for approximately 8 to 12 sessions depending on what they want to work on. The first 4 sessions are the assessment phase. During the assessment, your therapist will begin giving you things to work on immediately. During the next 4 sessions, couples are implementing the new skills that they are learning. At this point, the couple typically will not need weekly sessions any longer. They may come twice a month and then eventually once a month or as needed.

Modern Therapy and Wellness is a small Therapy practice in New Orleans, Louisiana. We provide in person services at our Mid City office. You can see us virtually anywhere in Louisiana. We see lots of different people, but we do have practitioners who specialize in grief, couples therapy, chronic illness, anxiety, addiction and LGBTQ + concerns. Give us a call 504-452-1483 or email us at info@moderntherapyandwellness.com

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