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Couples therapy is an investment into your relationship.  

It is 3 things: a time commitment, a financial investment and potentially life changing. 

Here are some facts about couple’s therapy

A skilled couples therapist views your relationship as their client

You are not the client.  Your partner is not the client.  Your relationship is the client.  This means that an experienced couples’ therapist is focused on helping your relationship to flourish. A well-trained couple’s therapist will focus on deeply understanding your relationship.

There is no magic wand.  It will take time.  

It will take time for your couple’s therapist to assess you as a couple and come up with a plan of the steps that need to be taken. It will also take time for you and your partner to implement the changes.  Whether you are working on connection or navigating conflict in a new way, you will want some time with your couple’s therapist to practice these new skills 

According to researcher John Gottman, the average couple waits 6 years before seeking professional help for marital problems.

Perhaps this is due to the stigma or the busyness of life. The reality is that every relationship requires attention. Stress plays a large role in relationship conflict.  Couples are stressed between never ending work duties, homework, children, house duties, and different life goals etc. 

The good news is that couples therapy is easier to access than ever before.  

Most therapists offer virtual therapy today. This means that you can hop on a call at home, in your parked car or at your office, without taking the time to commute. 

When you engage in couples counseling, you are saying:

I care about our relationship 

I am willing to do this work, or I am willing to consider doing this work

I want to be closer…I just might not know how to get there

I want to be different together…I just don’t know how to get there

I am putting time aside to dedicate to our relationship

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