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Jane Troescher, PLPC provides supportive and non judgmental therapy to adults and adolescents ages 15 and up. Jane provides in person therapy and virtual therapy. We sat down with her to chat today. Read her interview below.

What attracted you to becoming a therapist ?
I wanted to work in mental health long before I could identify that I wanted to be a therapist. Upon cleaning out my high school bedroom as a graduate student, I found old books, magazines, and notes to myself about topics that I was currently learning! I regularly read psychology magazines, took AP Psych in high school, and listened to mental health podcasts. I believe it was a natural progression for me because of my interest in self-reflection, and motivation to improve myself. I attended therapy (as a client) for the first time in college, and that’s when it all clicked. With the encouragement of my long-term therapist, I decided to pursue counseling so that I could share the amazing process with other people. I believe that my natural empathy, and integrity are best used to support others on their journeys. 

Where did you train ?
I earned both my bachelor’s in psychology, and master’s in mental health counseling, from Southeastern Louisiana University. During practicum and internship, I provided services to students at the University Counseling Center and created/facilitated the school’s first LGBT+ support group, called Here and Queer. To this day, I greatly enjoy working with college students and members of the LGBT+ population. My internship supervisor at Southeastern was the assistant director of the collegiate recovery program, which led me to participate in SMART Recovery meetings and on-campus recovery events. After graduation, I worked in both inpatient and intensive outpatient substance use programs for several years. Working with substance use enabled me to gain experience with a plethora of individuals, families, and couples from different backgrounds, and has helped me develop flexibility as a therapist.  I concurrently worked with clients through WeHelp NOLA to provide accessible mental healthcare for service industry workers, which I do to date. In late 2022, I began working in the group practice setting that I am currently in. This has allowed me more freedom as a therapist to expand on my work with couples and focus on special interests. 

What sort of people do you usually see?
I see individuals (ages 15 and up), families, and couples. Currently, I see clients in-person on Mondays, and provide telehealth throughout the remainder of the week. I find that both modalities have their pros and cons and am glad to engage in both. While I have broad training in general mental health issues, I have found specializations that I am particularly interested in. These include chronic pain, chronic illness, grief, addiction, and LGBT+ concerns, and anxiety. 

What do you do for your own self-care / mental health?
Exercising my creativity brings me immense joy. Generally, I do things like sewing, painting, resin art, making home decor, and dancing. Down time is also very important to me, so I maintain boundaries that allow me to spend time relaxing with my cats regularly. 

Favorite quotes:

“No man ever steps in the same river twice. For it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” -Heraclitus

“Remember that motivation is optional, but discipline is necessary” -Nicole Arzt

Modern Therapy and Wellness is a Therapy practice offering specialty services to individuals and couples. Click below to read more about Jane and to schedule an appointment.

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