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Yes, yes, they do. Typical thoughts about New Orleans are associated with drinking but there is actually a big, wonderful recovery community here in New Orleans. There is also a community of people who are focused on a healthy lifestyle. Things are popping up all over the city that support an active or sober lifestyle. If you are doing Dry January or if you just want to do sober activities. Here are some fun and healthy options.

1. Indulge in a different kind of drink! Skip the alcohol and grab some coffee.

If you love coffee, you know what I mean when I say that there is a magical quality to coffeeshops. It is a sensory experience. There is something about the warm coffee, the smells, people watching, reading a book or chatting in a coffeeshop. If you don’t love coffee, you can always grab a tea and a pastry.

Take some time to explore some cool New Orleans coffeeshops. Here are a few:

Hivolt Coffee Shop

Mojo Coffee shop

Mammoth Espresso

Coffee Science

Orange Couch

2. Go bike riding

Lots of people experience bike riding as fun. Take a bike ride at Audubon Park, City Park or on the levee by the Mississippi River. There are also places where you can a take a bike tour around the city. You can also check out Lafitte Greenway or you can explore the Northshore and hit St. Tammany Trace bike trail . Kill two birds with one stone by getting your vitamin D and your movement in at the same time.

If you aren’t down for outdoor cycling, you can always take an indoor spin class, here is one to check out:

Cycle Bar

3. Get a mocktail

Mocktails are becoming increasingly popular everywhere, including New Orleans. Non-Alcoholic drinks can be fun, flavorful and fancy. Lots of places are infusing non-alcoholic drinks with herbs, citrus and refreshing limes.

According to Rachel Reisgraf “Mocktails are nonalcoholic mixed drinks, and they can be just as exciting and refreshing as any cocktail. There are many ways you can mix up juices, sodas, and syrups to create invigorating beverages that everyone can enjoy.” The sweet sunrise replaces the tequila sunrise, and the virgin Mary replaces the bloody Mary.

Copper vine is just one option in NOLA that has mocktails on the menu.

4. Boost your mood and climb your way to a good time rock climbing

“Exercise, climbing included boosts mood related chemicals in our brain like dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin helping to lift our spirits”- Kate Lambert

Julia Guerra of Elite Daily lists some of the benefits of rock climbing as, teaching you patience, helping you to overcome fear and teaching you how to be more mindful.

Most rock-climbing gyms have climbing for all levels.

It is on my list to try rock climbing at New Orleans Bolder lounge where they do have day passes.

5. Hit the sauna

Infared saunas are a thing now and they are said to be beneficial to your mind and your body. Generator Athlete lab reports that infrared saunas can help improve sleep, boost brain function, and improve mental alertness.

Dr Jeffery Lieberman, MD has two studies on the infrared sauna and depression. His study found that even a single session had an antidepressant effect,

Here are two to check out in the New Orleans area:

Melt and Drop

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