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Research shows that couples wait 6 years too long to start couples’ therapy. After studying thousands of couples, John Gottman, a world-renowned psychologist, found that most couples wait 6 years before seeking help for relationship issues. This is why often couples come to us and they are feeling frustrated and hopeless. We get it. It is hard to make time for couple’s therapy. Between kids, work, extracurriculars and your own self-care, it can feel like, where are we going to fit this in? There is also the issue of coordinating schedules.

This is why we created a relationship intensive. It works really nicely for couples who are busy or for couples who don’t want the start and stop method of typical couples’ therapy. Also, we know that the sooner that you enter couples therapy, the better. The longer that we wait, the more entrenched that our issues become. However, it is never too late, and the intensive model is a great way to give your relationship the space it needs, as well as a kickstart!

During our traditional couples’ sessions, we spend 4 sessions doing a thorough assessment of your relationship. This includes a session with you and your partner, a session with each of you by yourself and a session with you both back together again.

During our couple intensives, we complete these first four sessions and more in one day!

The Structure

A 5-hour intensive looks like this:

A 90-minute assessment when you and your partner are painting a picture of our relationship, including strengths and weaknesses.

A 60-minute solo assessment where one partner is sharing their history and patterns and inner desires for the relationship.

A 60-minute solo assessment where partner number two is sharing history, patterns and inner desires.

Lunch for 30 minutes to an hour- go have a great lunch in NOLA with your partner.

60-to-90-minute Meet back in our cozy office in Mid City Nola and have a wrap up / feedback session with your therapist

Tailored to you

If a couple wants a 2-day intensive, we offer that too! The first day will likely be the structure that we laid out above. The structure of day two will be customized for each couple depending on their relationship needs. Some clients who have done traditional couples therapy will choose a 5-hour intensive to work on something very specific, such as making a decision or working on connection.

One weekend

One or two days

You and your partner

A program that is customized for your relationship

Some couples check into a hotel in New Orleans and spend the entire weekend focused on their relationship. Others return back home. We encourage couples to do what works for them. We are here to help you craft an intensive experience that works for YOUR needs.

We recognize that part of the issues that couples face is not setting aside time to be intentional about their relationship. We are excited to meet with you and offer your relationship the space that it deserves.

Curious about our intensives or fees? Click here

Modern Therapy and Wellness is a Therapy Practice in New Orleans, Louisiana. We are located on Canal Street near Metairie Road. We provide individual therapy and couple’s therapy. You can receive our services from your couch anywhere in Louisiana virtually. We specialize in the areas of relationships, couples therapy, couples’ intensives, addiction, trauma and grief. You can call us at 504-452-1483 for a free phone consultation.

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